BSF192 - Personal Exemption CBSA Declaration

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Use this form if you are a resident of Canada, a temporary resident, or a former resident returning to live in Canada, and are claiming unaccompanied goods in your 7-day $800 exemption.

1 - $800 exemption (tariff item no. 9804.20.00)

After an absence from Canada of at least 7 consecutive days (see note (A) for details on how to determine the 7-day absence), you can claim free importation of personal goods, up to a value of $800. You can include alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in this exemption, subject to the conditions outlined in notes (B), (C) and (D) below. Goods, other than alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, do not have to accompany you on arrival.


All exemption values are in Canadian dollars.

Part 1: To be retained by the CBSA.

Part 2: To be retained by the importer.
You will need it to claim "unaccompanied goods" when they arrive. This is your only copy.

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