BSF673 – House Bill, Cargo and Conveyance Manual Amendment Form – Post Arrival - All Modes

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Correction/Adjustment Request

Deletion Request

The information you provide in this document is collected under the authority of Subsection 12(2) of the Customs Act and Section 4 of the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations for the purposes of facilitating corrections/adjustments to previous declarations made under Subsection 12(1) of the Customs Act. The information may be disclosed within the CBSA for the purposes of compliance verification, risk management and law enforcement/investigation.

Failure to provide the requested information on this form may result in the rejection of the correction/adjustment request. Individuals have the right of access to and/or can make corrections of their personal information under the Privacy Act. The information collected is described within Info Source under the eManifest Personal Information Bank CBSA PPU 048 which is detailed at


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