E655 – Customs Self-Assessment Program – Importer Part II Application

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This information is being collected according to the provisions of the Access to Information Act. It is being stored in the Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System (ACROSS) under Program Record Number RC CTA 125.


The Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program is a progressive trade option that offers approved importers the benefits of:

Do you qualify for the CSA program?

You may qualify for the CSA program if you:

How do you apply to the CSA program?

Approval to use the CSA program requires you to successfully complete a two-part application process:

You will be required to provide documentation that your company can generate accurate trade data and that the appropriate audit trails, internal controls, and linkages are in place to support the CSA accounting and payment process.


An authorized officer of your company must sign this application form. If you do not complete all sections, the application may be returned to you.

This part of the application includes:

A Part II application is required for each division that will be using the CSA accounting, payment, adjustment, and clearance process. However, if you intend to have one division provide CSA accounting, payment, adjustment, and clearance for other divisions, please complete one Part II application, identifying all divisions by the RM account identifier. One RM account identifier will be pledged for the CSA process and the remaining RM account identifier(s) will require cancellation.

If you need more space to answer a question, attach a separate sheet of paper cross-referenced to the corresponding question.

More Information

If you need more information about the CSA program, or would like help completing the application, contact the CBSA office nearest your head office. Please refer to the attached list of regional CBSA offices. You can also visit our Website. The CBSA reserves the right to request additional information for the purposes of this application process.

Customs Self-Assessment Program – Importer Part II Application

Protected B once completed

Section A - Applicant Identification


Complete below ONLY if changes have been made since Part I

Please provide the following information for each Part II application that you are submitting

Section B - Books and Records

As part of the CSA application process, the CBSA must ensure that your business systems (e.g., purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable) will provide accurate trade data for imported goods. You must keep your books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. You must also maintain appropriate internal controls and audit trails to and from the receipt, adjustment, and payment for the goods, and customs accounting (B3), adjustments (X Type), revenue reporting (RSF) and payment (duty and taxes).

To satisfy these requirements, please provide the following information:

Business Systems Flow

This section requires the CSA applicant to provide a description of the business system in both a narrative and flow chart illustrating how the company will account for imported goods to CBSA.

CSA Requirements

In order to satisfy CSA requirements, please provide the following information:

(For technical data specifications please refer to the CSA Participant's Requirement Document)

Minimum Audit Trails

The CSA importer is required to maintain minimum audit trails within their business systems to support CSA. The existing B3 trade data elements and legislated requirements for customs programs are not changed under CSA.

The CSA importer must be able to generate the following details upon request:

Section C - Certification of Part II

It is a contravention of section 8 of the Customs Act to knowingly omit information or give false information in this application. You must inform the CBSA of any changes to the information you have provided in this application.

As an authorized officer of the applicant company, I certify that the information given on this form and in any attached document is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete.

The completion of this application does not constitute authority to act as a CSA importer. You will officially become a CSA importer only after you have successfully completed the two steps of the application process as outlined on page 1.

It is recommended that you do not make any CSA specific changes to your business systems until you have received confirmation of your part II submissionfrom the CBSA.

Please forward the completed application to:

Canada Border Services Agency
Manager, CSA Application
P.O. Box 7000, Station "A"
Mississauga ON L5A 3A4

CBSA Office

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
503-333 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver BC V6B 5R4
Telephone: (604) 666-6753
Telephone: (416) 954-0770

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
1 Front Street, West
P O Box 10, Station A
Toronto ON M5W 1A3

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
269 Main Street
Winnipeg MB R3C 1B3
Telephone: (204) 984-6986

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
4th floor, 400 Place d'Youville
Montreal QC H2Y 2C2
Telephone: (514) 496-8085

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
11th Floor, 333 Laurier Avenue, West
Ottawa ON K1A0L9
Telephone: (613) 991-0537

CSA Application
Regional Director
Canada Border Services Agency
9th floor, Ralston Building P.O. Box 3080 Station Parklane Centre
Halifax NS B3J 3G6
Telephone: (902) 426-7982

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