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Declare your travel information at an airport kiosk or eGate: Privacy information

The information you enter at a kiosk or eGate is encrypted and transferred securely to the CBSA. The device deletes your data once your receipt is printed.

Your data and a copy of the receipt are retained within CBSA systems, in accordance with Government of Canada information, privacy and security policies.

For more information: Executive Summary: Primary Inspection Kiosk Privacy Impact Assessment Annex


Your picture is taken at the kiosk or eGate to help confirm your identity and declaration information. Your picture is compared to your travel document. Your picture is also printed on your kiosk or eGate receipt, so the border services officer can further verify your identity and confirm that you made a declaration.


You will only be asked to verify your fingerprints if you already submitted them when applying to the Government of Canada for a:

  • work permit
  • study permit
  • temporary resident permit
  • temporary resident visa (visitor visa)
  • permanent residence

Fingerprints help us confirm your identity. We compare the fingerprints you provided when you applied to the above-mentioned permits with the fingerprints you scan at the kiosk or eGate. In doing so, we ensure that the person seeking entry to Canada is the same person who was granted a visa, permit or permanent residence.

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