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Declare your travel information at an airport kiosk or eGate: Who is eligible

The Canada Border Services Agency requests that wherever kiosks and eGates are available, travellers should use them to make their declarations. This includes returning residents and foreign nationals, with some exceptions.

If you need a stamp in your passport as proof of entry into Canada, request a stamp from a border services officer after completing the kiosk or the eGate transaction.

Passport-stamping alternative

Foreign nationals can stay in Canada for up to 6 months from the day they first enter Canada, or until their passport expires, whichever comes first.

A border services officer may authorize a period of stay of some other duration, either more or less than 6 months (such as in the case of family members with super visas). In these cases, the officer may issue you a document and should stamp your passport indicating the date by which you must leave Canada.

Who is eligible to use an eGate

Who is eligible to use a kiosk

Who should not use the kiosks and eGates

Who cannot use the kiosks and eGates

The following types of travellers must see a border services officer for in-person processing:

Kiosks and eGates are fully accessible in compliance with Canadian standards. Travellers requiring additional support or who are unable to complete their kiosk or eGate session may proceed to a border services officer for in-person processing.

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