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Smart and secure border tools for travel and trade

From: Canada Border Services Agency

We're working with the latest technologies to help people and goods move across the border more seamlessly and securely.

Over the next years, our Traveller Modernization initiative is delivering new digital tools and technologies to improve and expedite traveller processing without compromising the safety and security of our border.

Travel-related border technology

Advance Declaration: Save time at the border

Use Advance Declaration in ArriveCAN to submit your customs and immigration declaration before flying into Canada.

Airport arrival kiosks and eGates

Verify your identity and make an on-screen customs declaration at Canada's major international airports using primary inspection kiosks and eGates.

Estimate land border wait times with the CanBorder app

Use the CanBorder app to plan where and when to cross the U.S. border.

Land border eGates for NEXUS members

Use your NEXUS card to get touchless, faster border services at select land U.S. border crossings.

Airport kiosks and eGates for NEXUS members

Expedited arrival processing technology for NEXUS members.

Traveller Modernization: New tools and technologies for a faster, better and safe experience at the border

We are putting in place new tools and technologies, and updating processes, laws and policies to build the border of the future.

Trade-related border technology

CARM launch for trade chain partners rescheduled to October 2024.

Read this news release issued , for details.

Share commercial data digitally

Electronic data interchange (EDI) enables the exchange of information between and within businesses, organizations, government entities and other groups.

Digitized system for managing commercial imports

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management portal (CARM) helps you estimate and pay duties and taxes, request, track rulings and more.

Transmit commercial data in advance

The eManifest portal enables highway carriers and freight forwarders to transmit pre-arrival (advance) commercial information electronically.

Electronic reporting system for Canadian exporters

The Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) portal allows you to submit export documents electronically.

Submit import documents using the Electronic Longroom

An email and digital stamping service offered at some CBSA offices.

Submit export documents using the Electronic Longroom

An email and digtial stamping service offered to exporters at some CBSA offices.


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