Administrative Monetary Penalty System


Customs bonded warehouse licensee or operator failed to provide adequate space, personnel, or equipment or information required for the examination of goods.


Occurrence Penalty
1st $500
2nd $750
3rd and subsequent $1,500
Penalty basis
Per instance
Retention period
36 months


Non-compliance occurs when the licensee or the warehouse operator fails to provide the following services when requested to do so by the CBSA:

  1. the personnel and equipment necessary to ensure that the goods to be examined by an officer are made available to the officer for examination; and
  2. the personnel necessary to furnish information, for verification purposes, to an officer with respect to the bonded warehouse operations and inventory system.

The request to conduct verification can be made to any representative of the warehouse licensee or operator.

Applied against the operator or the licensee.

A second level penalty is not to be assessed until the first Notice of Penalty Assessment has actually been issued.

Apply a penalty per instance (i.e. per visit to the warehouse).



Customs Bonded Warehouses Regulations, sections 11 and 12


D7-4-4, Customs Bonded Warehouses

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