Settlers' Effects Acquired With Blocked Currencies
Memorandum D2-2-2

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Ottawa, November 13, 2015

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This memorandum outlines and explains the conditions under which settlers to Canada may import goods acquired abroad with blocked currencies without paying duties.


Financial Administration Act, section 17

Settlers' Effects Acquired With Blocked Currencies Remission Order, Order in Council P.C. 2005-1500, August 31, 2005, as amended.

Guidelines and General Information

1. In order to claim free importation of goods under the provisions of the Settlers' Effects Acquired With Blocked Currencies Remission Order, it will be necessary for the settler to satisfy the Canada Border Services Agency at the time of importation that the country from which the settler emigrated does in fact apply restrictions on the transfer of capital by emigrants to Canada and that, due to such restrictions, the currency on deposit could not be exported at the time of emigration.

2. Settlers from countries that apply currency restrictions may have up to three years to import goods purchased with blocked funds on deposit in the former country of domicile prior to their arrival in Canada without reference to the ownership, possession and use requirements abroad. (See Memorandum D2-2-1, Settlers' Effects - Tariff Item No. 9807.00.00.)

3. The importation of goods under the provisions of this Order is to be accounted for on Form BSF715 (formerly B15), Casual Goods Accounting Document, showing the Order in Council number. A cross-reference should also be made to any previous settlers' accounting form where the value of goods to be acquired with blocked funds was declared.

Additional Information

4. For more information, within Canada call the Border Information Service at 1-800-461-9999. From outside Canada call 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064. Long distance charges will apply. Agents are available Monday to Friday (08:00 - 16:00 local time / except holidays). TTY is also available within Canada: 1-866-335-3237.


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Program and Policy Management Division
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Financial Administration Act
Settlers' Effects Acquired With Blocked Currencies Remission Order
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D2-2-2 dated August 18, 2011
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