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Apply for, renew or replace a NEXUS card: Benefits of the program

Learn how to become a NEXUS member and benefit from faster processing when entering Canada and the United States (U.S.) by land, air and boat.

Entering Canada

Avoid long line-ups and save time when entering Canada by using:

  • self-serve kiosks and eGates at 9 major international airports
  • dedicated vehicle lanes at 21 designated land border crossings
  • NEXUS eGates at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario and the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario
  • Transportation Security Administration Pre-Check lines at over 200 participating U.S. airports

Also receive expedited clearance through CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) security screening lines, where available.

Entering the United States

When entering the U.S. from Canada, NEXUS members benefit from:

  • Global Entry kiosks at 8 Canadian airports
  • dedicated lanes at 16 land border crossings
  • faster processing at all marine crossings

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