Sufferance Warehouse/Highway (SWH)

A privately owned and operated facility licensed by the CBSA for the control, short term storage, transfer, delivery and examination of in-bond goods until the goods are released by the CBSA or exported from Canada.

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List of Offices

Name Province
H.H. Smith Ltd Alberta
TST Solutions L.P. Division Stream Logistics Alberta
Gat LeedM Logistics LLP British Columbia
P.C.B. Properties LtdDBA P.C.B. Highway Sufferance Warehouse British Columbia
Penner International Inc. Manitoba
Maritime Ontario Freight Lines Ltd New Brunswick
North Shore Welding Supply Ltd. New Brunswick
Westmoreland Warehousing Ltd New Brunswick
Day and Ross (NFLD) Ltd. Newfoundland and Labrador
P.F. Collins Customs Broker Limited Newfoundland and Labrador
Mathers Freight Management Nova Scotia
1118168 Ontario Inc. o/a Coburn's Transportation Systems Ontario
694068 Ontario Limited o/a Royal City Warehousing and Distribution Ontario
Fedex Ground Package System LTD. Ontario
Fleetway Transport Inc. Ontario
Fontaine's Moving and Storage Ltd Ontario
Jack Rutherford Customs Brokers Limited Ontario
Lakeside Equipment Ltd Ontario
Link + Corporation Ontario
London Sufferance Warehouse Limited Ontario
St. Thomas Sufferance Warehouse Ontario
Sufferance Warehouse Management Services Inc. Ontario
TST Solutions L.P. Division Stream Logistics Ontario
TST Solutions L.P.dba TST Overland Express Ontario
Transcargo CentreDivision of Schenker of Canada Ltd Ontario
United Parcel Service Canada Ltd. Ontario
Atlantic Warehousing Ltd. Prince Edward Island
2635-8762 Québec Inc. dba Express Mondor Quebec
Drummond Sufferance Warehouse Ltd Quebec
Déménagement et Entreposage All Matt INC. Quebec
Entrepot Routier de Douane (St-Jean) Inc. Quebec
Interpalco Inc. Quebec
Les Déménagements Tremblay Express Ltée Quebec
Montreal Sufferance Warehouse Inc. Quebec
TFI Transport 1 L.P. et AL Transport TFI S.E.C. et AL Quebec
TST Overland L.P. DBA TST Overland Express Quebec
Transport Bernières Inc Quebec
Transport Robert (1973) Ltd Quebec
Transport W. Cyr (1984) Inc. Quebec
Direct General Partner Corporation on behalf of Direct LTD Partnership Saskatchewan
Jay's Moving & Storage Ltd Saskatchewan
TFI Transport 7 L.P. Saskatchewan
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